Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pre-Safrica Post

Hi friends and fam! We are posting our first post! Laura leaves in 3 days, but Stevi still has weeks to go. Stevi is nervous to be travelling alone, but knows that she will make it through the fire.

Our goals for the trip:
-do everything.
-hike up table mountain tons of times
-learn to surf
-make out with safricans (no HIV though)
-make friends
-stay safe from pick-pocketers
-travel in and around SA
-laura: try new food, but not anything from the sea. ew.
-keep this blog up to date with tons of posts and pics and giggles
-write in our personal journals
-sky dive
-swim with sharks (in cages. duh)
-learn about the history of the country
-play soccer and rugby
-go to rugby matches
-not feel like tourists
-get immersed in culture
-do community things in the townships
-make safrican friends
-work out and NOT gain lbs

dear readers,

(L typing). stevi and i went to sleepaway camp together for 4 summers and became lifelong friends. sometimes we abbreviate words so deal with it. laura attends colgate university in ny and stevi goes to university of colorado at boulder. we are BFFs. please leave comments on our posts and feel free to email us individually. we hope you like our blog. ENJOY.

love, laura and stevi

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