Thursday, January 29, 2009

the most recent days

Hello, hello to alllll! YAYAYAYAYA! Laura and Julie are no longer sick. We all went to the doctor on Monday and found out Julie had strep and Laura had strep and tonsilitis. It was a pretty fun apt. to be in, let me tell you! But they are cured now so I have my partners in crime back, thank god. So anyways, it is the 29th..i know its been a few days, but once again i just haven't sat down to do this..its harder then it seems, so hush. Most recently I have been spending my days at the beach. We've been going to Miezenberg mostly (I said Leesenberg last time but that was because I was still an idiot American..i know my shit now.) AND I have been taking the train even with my little falling incident. Such a badass...i do tend to hustle off the train and throw some bows so no one holds me back..either way, I'm a trooper.  Oh and a little may seem like my life is a joke right now and I'm doing nothing but having the greatest time ever but real life starts soon. Registration for classes is next week and I start on the 13th. 

On Sunday...myself and about 10 others went to the Green Market in the Indian section of Cape Town. It was a pretty low-key market with kind of the same stuff at every stand but I did a totally awesome bargaining job for 8 bangle bracelets. I give all of the credit to China Town, so thank you. We then went to go find this Malawian restaurant that our sweet driver Al told us about. After we do our hike up this massive hill (wasnt expecting table mountain take 2, but wahtever, the view was great) to the top where we were told this restaurant was...IT WAS CLOSED. I was sweaty and hungry and unhappy. We have come to find out that most everything in all of Cape Town is closed on Sundays. Actually a lot is closed all weekend. People love their time of rest and hanging's def a different lifestyle. We did end up finding a Cafe in Rondesbosch (part of CT right next Mowbray, where I live) that was super good. A very good day of beautiful views and new and interesting things. Actually all of the museums that I am going to visit are in the Indian part of town so i will be heading back that way soon. That
night, we went to this place called La Med. Great, chill atmosphere. It is in town and basically everyone spends their days on the beach then heads the the bar for happy hour then the rest of the night. We didn't do the beach thing then went later in the night...def a good time. Ohhhh except for some of the creepers there. They were all wasted and were awkwardly macking on a lot of us girls...super weird but our guy friends were standing up for us so nothing bad happened. Oh speaking of something bad happening...a kid on my programs comp got stolen the other day. He was an idiot though and left his window open. The program specifically told us to not do that cause people will try to break in...and they did. Pretty scary. So NOW they are deciding to beef up the bars on the windows and stuff. Sounds scarier than it is. I honestly haven't felt unsafe once since I've been here so I'm just going to go ahead and call that a fluke. Anyways..back to my life.

Tuesday. Laura, katelyn (one of our awesome friends on the trip) and I went to Cocoa Wah Wah. What to say about cocoa except that it is AWESOME. It is an internet cafe where they have the cheapest and yummiest food. And this amazing smoothie that is mango and mint. Try it out sometime..its way good. While we were sitting there this very nice lady and her daughter sitting next to us started chatting it up. She saw the jew star necklace on my neck..duhh..we always seem to find each other and started talking to me about her friday night shabbat dinner. She invited me and any of my friends to come and I think Laura, Julie and I are going to go. Julie is going to be such a great Jew after this hahaahah. very nice lady though so it should be interesting. That night we went to a bar called Tin Roof...they LOOOOVE their American 90's music. It's hilarious. I heard a lot of Blink 182 that night...go Travis Barker. Anyways, it was a fun, silly bar that we will probably be attending a lot of on Monday nights. They have a great 2 for 1 special for like 3 hrs. on top of all drinks being about 2-3 American dollars, which is pretty standard here. 

The next couple days were spent at the beach getting nice and tan. I am once again turning my ridiculously dark hue while everyone else is burning, i know, i know, i suck. People are def starting to think Im Safrican. cooooool. So those were just blah days at the beach and now onto what I did today!!! Mom, you are going to be so so so proud of me!!! 

I WENT BIKING! I have not been on a bike since i learned when i was 8 years old...13 years. So that saying, you'll remember, its like riding a bike doesn't necessarily work for me. Oh well. So, my friend Aaron conned me into going to Stellenbosch (where all the wineries are) to do a bike n wine tour around 4 different wineries. It was great!! After a little bit of unsteadiness (only like 5 mins) it was like riding a bike, weirdddd!!! It was totally great, though my ass really took a beating from it. At each winery we tried 5 different wines and had a glass of wine at lunch. Needless to say by the end we all could have potentially gotten BUI's (biking under the could happen! but not here...) A really really fun day and a nice exercise though. Bottles here, good bottles, are also super cheap..shocker. For a bottle of very good wine, you pay at most 80 rand..which is a whopping 8 dollars. The exchange rate is really really great. Anywho...I am off the get ready to go out. We are going to this bar called Springbok in Claremont. It is Thursday Jug night which is a whole lot like half fast except for the fact that you buy one jug (pitcher) for 40 rand...4 dollars and get free refills. Boulder would be loving it. Anyways, i miss you all and will post soon. 

ohhh and im a total idiot. my skype name is actually feinbers NOT stevi. sowwy

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